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Student Life

Learning Resource Center

Foresight believes in fostering an environment of continous learning oppurtunities and the Learning Resource Center provides endless oppurtunities for our students to acquire knowledge.


Clubs provides Foresight Academy students with oppurtunities to explore their interests above and beyond the knowledge they acquire in the classroom.


Physical activities has been shown to postively build children's character and boost their wholistic development and therefore we offer a wide range of sports.

Creative Arts

Drama and Arts serves as a huge boost to building our students self-esteem, confidence and character and thus students get a chance to particpate in a wide range of performances.

School Trips & Execursions

Students always look forward to a time off-campus where they are able to have fun while seeing the relation between what's covered in the classroom and its application in the real world.


Swimming has over the years become a necessary skill for life. At Foresight we groom our students to reach the professional standards of swimming.

Student Leadership

We groom our students to be leaders from day one. Students are given the chance to lead their peers while also receiving mentorship.


We recognize students may be gifted beyond academics and music happens to be an area where students express their musical gifts as well as grow them.


We provide pick-up and drop-off services for children for a wide range of locations. Our buses also follow NTSA regulations.

Community Service

A life of service and impact is a lifestyle at Foresight that we seek to live by everyday and that starts by being of service to our surrounding communities.

School Meals

We offer a well balanced diet for our children that is prepared by well trained nutritionists and chefs who aim to aid the healthy growth of our children.

Technology Center

Being technological literate has become a necessary skill to thrive in the 21st Century and from an early age we equip our students to do exactly that.